Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My daddy

my first post, I have heard and read other people's blog but have always been too busy or too tired... but today it hit me that I am getting older and I guess we all need some mark that I was here , what I felt and what I think...
so here goes....at dinner tonight I thought I would try to make it more relaxed and enjoyable because of late it hasn't been like that.... I asked the kid's what was the best bit of their day... Arabella answered my party... she just turned four on the 29th and had a great fairy party and it made me happy that she still thinks it was and is great
I asked Reilly what the best bit of his day was and he answered " my daddy"...
It suprised me his answer because he is only 2 and also made me feel good for Darren being the best part of his son's day but a little part wished I could be the best part,,,,
I never want to forget the little details like this..... will try harder to be the best bit in my kids day

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