Wednesday, September 13, 2006

thinking of all the things I have not done

some days I dwell on all the things I have not done, I worry about what I could have done and what I have missed
I finally got around to adding some information in Arabella's baby book and felt guilty and sad that I have missed some of the questions for when she was three I know it seems ridiculous but I want my kids to know that they were loved... so by recording every details is my proof
anyway I will get things done... I will stop putting things off... I will stop worrying about what I do not do and focus on what I can achieve....
Reilly's language skills have just exploded overnight
Darren said when he was getting him in the card today there was a brand new red spiffy ute parked nearby Reilly said " cool car" watch out i see a future revhead
and just when I went in to make sure he was okay he said hi Mummy just like that ... too cute...............
Arabella brought home her dancing certificate and a medal it is very cute..... her comments were classic arabella and quite a few...... I was proud... I am so glad she loves dancing !!!
Arabella best bit of her day at dinner was " dora the explorer" proabley because we do not have the tv on whilst we eat and she did not not want the tv turned off... made me laugh she is as smart as whip that girl
work tomorrow wish things were not so busy

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