Tuesday, October 10, 2006

busy week

been slack had a busy week and feeling exhausted
so i turned 37 on the 02/10, signed my divorce papers on my wedding anniversary on the 4th and had my exams for uni all in one whole week.
Glad that week is over, birthday was good got my 30gb ipod which i love, have been playing with it ever since...
signing the divorce papers was harder than I thought........ but I guess it is time to move on and close that part of my life... forgive and move on... I don't want to waste time on I wish I could have .......or maybe if anymore... choices were made and that was out of my control and I am here moving forward......
my exam.......... intesting think I did well enough to pass... wish I could just do my photgraphy course thats all I really want to do but will have to be next year now time is getting away and still have 1 big assignment to go
trying to relax more and stress less is a challenge but really need to....

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