Wednesday, November 15, 2006

back home

Back from Newcastle had a great time........ Arabella and Reilly did not destroy Michelle and Stuart's house which is always good and considering were pretty well behaved.. both the kid's had a great time with Jessie their dog.. might have to think about that one.. we went to Blackbutt reserve which the kid's loved and a drive around the foreshore Newcastle has changed so much..

Michelle will hate me for this picture but hey I like to live dangerously :)

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michellefield said...

Dear Living Dangerously
I just love that you posted my favorite photo on your blog for the world to see.Please let me clarify to the world, no my hair really isn't orange, my legs are not that fat and my boobs really are not heading that far south!! No really it's that top - spots! never ever wear them, especially when there is a chick with a canon around!!Look out Debs round two is about to begin!!shell

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