Wednesday, November 15, 2006

just a great ordinary day

had a great old ordinary day but it was just soooooo good, me and the kid's just played and had fun... I even managed to finish another scrapbook page and arabella even helped.. I got some great photo's of the kid's and the best bit no matter what the kid's did not once did I lose it despite reilly dropping every snack, meal , toy, drink on the floor every single time... I'll admit it was hard once I had to walk outside but it can be done... I will reduce the stress levels in this house.. and today it could be done... happy me, happy kids = happy life

Arabella watched helped me do my hair and make up well .........tinted moisturiser do not get too excited about the make up.. normally I would get frustrated but I let her help and she just loved it ... it is okay not to have everything perfect and to have a bit of fun.. so it get's messy takes twice as long... it is only make up
even let the kid's take some pictures with my camera I know lol... I am loosening up.. i loved their pictures.. Arabella was so funny when she was asking me to do thing's while she was taking photograph's she sounded like me.. :)

took a few pictures with arabella with makeup....... too beautiful she told me..

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