Tuesday, November 28, 2006

santa pic's and new additions to the family

decided that as they had a sleigh instead of santa sitting in the chair took the kid's to bondi junction westfield santa photo shoot....... will post same when can work my scanner... Arabella was so excited calling out santa's name she was actually hugging and kissing poor old santa... she told him that she had been a good girl and wanted a pink car and the shopping set.. have got that pink car but still trying to find what the shoppping set is that apparently goes with it.... Reilly on the other hand after knocking down the whole guard rale system around Santa would not go near him... oh well will try next year... do not believe kid's should be traumatised into sitting on santa's knee if they don't want to.....

afterwards we went to build a bear shop http://www.buildabear.com.au/ where the kid's picked a teddy bear and filled him with love, joy and friendship, dressed him and filled in the birth certificate and we took them home... a bit expensive but Arabella loved it

still playing with my creative zones on camera cannot wait for my new portrait lens and secretly trying to work out how I can justify $5000 dollars on canon 5 D.... mmmm maybe I only need one kidney

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