Wednesday, November 08, 2006

where does the time go ?

had a great time at the papercraft festival on the weekend .. it was so great to just go, meet new people, learn something, create something kinda of fabulous and just absorb the creative energy.. it is great to be with other like minded people who just get it..
it always just blows me away how individual and creative we are as individuals.. we are all given the same materials but how different the outcome is...
there is no room for fakeness if you scrapbook I know myself I bear my heart and soul on my pages
this is real me real life
I cannot recall where but I read somewhere how using colours and shapes was the way of find your voice that you could not find words for
so true
scrapbook is my life art definately
have my last uni assignment due tomorrow forthe year, thought need to get another graduate certificate and have realised I need to learn things that am passionate about not study things I feel I should
after I finish this course it will be my last medical orientated course..
my wish list of courses will be
photography digital, slr and potraiture, photoshop, graphic design, cooking and a healing week from asca

may not get there but I relised what I don't want to do and that is great

have also signed up for the christmas journal at sounds great

back to work tomorrow .. oh well the week off has been great

best thing about arabella day was monsters inc dvd

also we got our new car.. must be getting old I was a bit sad to say goodby to our old car even thought it died

our first newish car
2006 hyundai accent black with tinting will need to get some doof doof music i think :)

it was the car we brought arabella home in and reilly

but will be so good to get in a car that the air condiitoning works and wandering will we make it to where we are going
also now will be time for a trip to newcastle to see shell and stu

busy day
busy life

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