Wednesday, December 06, 2006

day 6 - prompt 6 ........the best and worst of your christmas memories

Prompt 6 is..............

" Today, think back over the Christmases of your past. Relive as manyof the memories as you want, but try to pick two to include in today'sentry. It is probably easiest to write about what you rememberclearly, but often memories clear themselves up a bit with some help - consider talking to someone else who was there, or just jotting down what you can remember during the day and then filling in the gaps as they cometo you. Try to record your memories of two Christmas moments -- one nigh onperfect and the other not so. " Shimelle



michellefield said...

Very thought provoking Deb! Very stylish layout, you are so lucky you have such nice handwriting.Christmas is indeed what we make of it, from the heart!

Eleni said...

Lovely entry ... I've enjoyed returning to your blog ... your children are so cute! Have to say I love your daughters choice of ornament ... my kind of girl!!! LOL

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