Tuesday, January 16, 2007


decided as it ended up a a gorgeous day to meet up with rosita and her kid's at Clontarf, they love it there .. great playground, jellyfish and lots of flotsam from the harbour... and a great kiosk the sells 'spensive but great fish and chips also tried to be creative with some of my shots enjoying playing with my new lens and not just documenting my photos but try to interpret the moment

love watermelon on sunny day at the beach

love this photo is so Aleisha always unsure when first arrives....

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Rosita said...

The kids and I just had a ball at the beach especially when it was unexpected to be such a great day. The girls especially with Arabella digging up what ever creature the sand held. And ofcoure Enricke and Reilly being boys and going off their own merry way!

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