Wednesday, February 07, 2007

joys of public transport

Arabella now goes too preschool 3 days a week to get her ready for school next year, which means Reilly and I spend Wednesday's together just the two of was a nice day, we went to Ashfield mall by bus (which Reilly loved and did not want to get off) did some shopping and came home.. it was just nice him and me spending some time together.... I think he enjoyed it too not having to fight for my attention... I'm looking forward to our Wednesday just us two
tonight I was going to scrap but thought I would do some cooking .. as a treat I had bought myself Nigella's cookbook "Feast"
on page 46 there are the most delicious brownies... dare you not to love them...
was going to take picture but is getting late and will do same tomorrow
here is the link to the book .... or

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