Wednesday, December 03, 2008

first christmas card and gingerbread ladies

I recieved my first christmas card today and it was from my furtherest friend from Jo in Ireland :) hey Jo and John

after making my peace banner arabella wanted to make a gingerbread lady banner everytime I say gingerbread lady it feels naughty like she is a prostitute or something :) lol anyways arabella did say that we should make them clothes like hello they are NAKED !!! :)

anyways it turned out cute and arabella loves it :) and it hanging above her bed :)

still keeping out with my christmas journal :)

will post pic's in day light


judean said...

love those gingerbread ladies. A naughty version would be funny, you could dress them up in lace and feathers, teehee

Cassie said...

I really love the gingerbread garland! They would look pretty cute with clothes too!

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