Monday, December 29, 2008

merry christmas :)

This christmas we had a low key affair day at home.... it was just so nice... the morning started early but not oh my early and the kids loved their presents arabella got a huge dolls house, art supplies, connect four pencil. drink bottle barbie jet and lots of little things

reilly got a new bike, bumblebee transformer, ben 10 alien force kevins car and a leapfrog and a new dinosaur quilt/pillow which he was so excited about he wanted it on his bed straight away :)

we had pancakes for breakfast and then the kids opened up the gifts from family and friends under the tree... we all then chilled playing with our new gifts....

i made a hot late lunch which was greek roast lamb, stuffed turkey breast, baked potatoes pumpkin parsnip and carrots/peas with a honey glaze with home made gravy

desert was christmas pudding with custard and cream

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