Friday, December 05, 2008

my christmas journal and watching little girls play

each year i struggle trying to complete daily scrapbook pages but this year is so so easy with my journal already completed and I just add my thoughts,,,

also when do we lose that ability to just play a and not care what anyone thinks.... I love to watch my beautiful girl just being the wonderous creature she is :)


judean said...

those pics of your dd are so wonderful--they totally capture the joy of childhood!

Cassie said...

Great pics! I also love your idea of having the journal already done and just adding your thoughts. I think this is something I will try. I am hitting a roadblock when it comes to getting pages finished.

Aimee said...

omg, your daily is just so super adorable!

shaina said...

LOVE your journal! and those pictures are so precious. :D :D

Sasha said...

the journal is FABULOUS I love it .. wow .. I need to do a journal you have seriously inspired me girl .. love it

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