Thursday, January 29, 2009

reilly's first day

wow reilly's first day finally arrived, I was more anxious than I thought, but he did fine :)

he looks so grown up in his uniform by the time I picked him up he was ready for a special happy meal treat his blankie and his dummy :)

p.s have included pic of our new car not the best photo but is so so so hot here today just wanted to get in the car and into air conditioning


Shadow Girl said...

They are gorgeous Deb. My nephews won't pose for photos now - I think I've wrecked them taking too many.

michellefield said...

Oh they are sooooo cute!!! Who would have thought 2009 would see you with both kiddy poos at school....oh how time flies!!!

Kelly said...

Great pics. Nice car. And I love that close up of Reilly!!

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