Tuesday, August 18, 2009

nearly seven

my gorgeous girl is nearly seven, dramatic ,affectionate, noisy, beautiful ball of love and energy she is a perfectionist she is bossy she hates being wrong... she feels things deeply and never forgets ... my first born, the girl I made all the mistakes and have grown with.... I cannot believe she is nearly seven.. things have been rough for her the last couple of weeks with Reilly's broken arm she has missed a lot of attention and boy she is so cranky with us....
so I thought we needed a photo shoot and for once she obliged.... here is my 6 year old nearly seven....

And as told to me by Arabella...

Her favourite colour is pink and purple

Her favourite singer is Hannah Montana

Her favourite food is birthday cake

Her best friends are Meera, Anton and Alanna P

Her favourite thing about school is learning numbers... how to count to a hundred infinity ??

Arabella doesnt like sleeping alone, yelling, feeling jealous and nothing else

She like to cook cakes

She likes to go to the park and play on her pink scooter

She likes to play with Reilly her brother

She likes Mummy and Daddy

I like to play and thats it........

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Kelly said...

Happy almost Birthday, Miss Arabella xxx

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