Wednesday, February 14, 2007

bubbles and cupcakes

For Valentine's day Darren bought her a little bubble maker which smelt exactly like strawberries and cream... the light was gorgeous in our backyard I love how brown here eyes look...
Reilly spent his time trying to catch all the bubbles... moments like these make life sweet

Reilly and I made cupcakes today while Arabella was at daycare, we had nice day it is good to spend sometime togather just me and him.... he also such a joy to be with...... also they did not turn out to bad the green icing was Reilly's idea... it does not taste too bad


DanielleQ said...

These photos are awesome Deb - you've really got the contrast between clarity and depth of field working for you :) Gorgeous.

Latharia said...

Oh, just wonderful! I strike to have photos like this!

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