Wednesday, February 14, 2007

my favourite photo and my least favourite

My least favourite photgraph of Reilly is not due to any technical problem but the fact that this was a photgraph the day he came out of hospital... he fell out of his second floor window and had a severe head injury worst few days of my life ever...... wondering if he would be okay did have brain damage but here is .... pale and bruised but smiling ... almost ressuring me with that cute smile.. " I will be okay mum"

So then my favourite would be this one

Love the look Book blog at the moment... love the latest post re favourite photos' s
this would be one of my top ten favourite photographs of Arabella... I just love her expression and the light.. it may not be technically correct but it takes me back to that moment in the park , laying on the grass with the sun of her face... it what was exactly what i saw in the camera and came out perfectly when I printed it ......

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Latharia said...

Oh, both of them are breathtaking ... but the stories behind them take my breath away the most! It's why I love journaling! Awesome, Debra. Awesome.

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