Thursday, November 13, 2008

2008.02.22 imaginary friends

2008.02.22 imaginary friends, originally uploaded by Danita Art.

arabella has an imaginary friend called princess... I used to worry if that was okay but now I think how wonderful to hve such an active imagination and someone of course to take the blame when you do naughty things like eat all the chocolate :)

love Danita's art :)


cortney said...

Oh my-this is LOVELY! Has Arabella seen the Lola & Charlie series of books? One called "I am absolutely too small for for school" by lauren child has an imaginary friend who is charmingly (and ghostly) embossed. & you'll love the illustrations! xxoo, cortney

Sharmaine said...

Isn't that gorgeous!!
Our eldest had 2 'friends' they gradually faded into where ever it was they came from. Glad you see that it's ok ;)

Michelle McGee said...

That is REALLY good!

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