Thursday, November 13, 2008

dear santa.....

after putting up the tree we all sat down and wrote our christmas lists..... I gave mine to darren hint hint list included oroton red handbag, clinique aromatics perfume, 24-70 mm lens, cold pressed heavy weight smooth watercolour paper, chanel lipstick and art books from my amazon wish list

arabellas was very cute she drew pictures of everything she wanted

arbella wants a book, mumma mia cd of her own she doesnt want to share mine any more perfume , a handbag, coffee table ??? and a doll

reilly did some pictures but he wants a killer whale he watched free wily this morning and boots, darren is still working on his......



lauren said...

this is too cute!

Sharmaine said...

Oh how wonderful!!
I'm wondering when our decorating will start, time time time lol

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